About Us

AGTA Vision
To represent the Geotechnical Testing industry nationally and provide an interface between the Geotechnical industry and Local, State and Federal Government asset owners, Construction Contractors, Standards Organisations, and Construction Materials Supply Organisations.

AGTA Goals

  • To encourage and support training and education within the Geotechnical¬†industry;
  • To create a culture of innovation within the Geotechnical industry and to share leanings with members;
  • To provide an unbiased advisory service to Geotechnical providers;
  • To promote safety and sustainability within the Geotechnical industry;
  • To provide industry feedback to regulators;
  • To engage with other industry bodies and create methodologies to provide more efficient, tailored delivery of Geotechnical services to the clients served by the Geotechnical industry.
  • To provide an advisory service to members on technical matters.